Land And Timber Real Estate Market Update Q1 2007

It’s the end of 2006. In the Land and Timber real estate market, this year started out good in the first quarter with a high amount of land sales in all categories: Timber real estate tracts, Recreational tracts and Farm/Agricultural land.

The second and third quarters didn’t go as well, due to severalfactors. Whenever there is an election year, people tend to hold off buying land because they are waiting to see how the market will be influenced by shifts in political power. In addition, the increased gas prices and climbing loan rates didn’t encourage buyers to take action.

The Land and Timber market picked back up again in the 4thquarter with stabilized gas prices and loan rates. Of course, the cooler weather always brings an increase in land sales as buyers begin recreational activities.

In conclusion, the beginning and the end of 2006 were profitable, leaving the middle of the year to only the most desirable tracts changing hands.


Todd Bowen
Land and Timber Real Estate Specialist
Macon Commercial Office