The Principles Of Commercial Property Ownership

Own’er-ship n. – Of or belonging to oneself or itself.  The one or ones belonging to oneself.  To have or possess. To confess : acknowledge.  own up.

In my early adult life, a very wise dear friend once shared with me that no matter what road I chose to take in life to always take ownership in all that I do. For the longest time I did not understand the meaning of this statement or how to apply this advice to achieve my everyday goals. As I began to experience new things and gain more wisdom in the Multifamily business I began to realize where the role of ownership takes place.

As I drive through the parking lot of my property each morning, eyes scanning over the grounds, buildings, amenities, etc. it seems to come natural that this is my community, my resident’s, my financial checkbook and my complete responsibility.  I remind myself the levels of ownership that must take place in order to perform and meet the exciting challenges that the Multifamily business holds.  Taking ownership has played an extremely important role in success here at Lullwater at Bass, especially having this demeanor towards prospective residents.  They can always sense how much you care.  Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share a few ways I try to apply a sense of ownership to our community and my everyday task:

Be Flexible – Flexible people are happy people.  They experience less stress than the rigid types who always insist on things being done according to policy or exactly the way they have decided they should be done.  “Life Happens”

Implement Your Values – Integrity, Humility, Equality and Generosity.  I try to remind myself to apply these values when beginning my day, no matter what challenges or obstacles come my way.  I truly repeat the above words in my mind prior to addressing a difficult situation.  Each individual may have many different values but I believe we all have the same common goal and truth in mind.

Do Right – Whenever we choose a course of action inconsistent with what we believe to be the right thing to do, stress will usually be the result.  Be kind and respectful to your co-workers, peers, managers, etc. Be generous of your time, but also know it is okay to say no.  “NO” is a complete sentence, and will help you lower your stress and stay sane when applied with wisdom.

Delegate – Identify someone with the capability (not just the willingness) to perform a given task.  Explain why the task is necessary and important in the overall scheme of things.  Delegating should be a win-win proposition.  It makes others feel empowered and valued and it frees you up to focus on other important issues and to simply have a life.

Resolve Conflicts – Stay open-minded and always seek first to understand the other person’s behavior rather than justifying your own.  Resolve one issue at a time, and be a good listener.

Maintain a Positive Outlook – Better known as mental discipline.  The amount of stress I experience in a situation can be determined by my attitude toward what is happening.  None of us are perfect, but it sure makes a difference to apply an effort to be positive and take ownership.

Secure A Foundation – A single structure cannot withstand the winds of adversity without a solid foundation.  I work daily trying to avoid that “stinky” word stress, which is the disease of the century.  No one escapes its presence but we can implement ways of ownership and balance to help us through each day.

No matter what division or position each person holds, you do not have to be given permission to claimownership.  It is a positive attribute in which we all have the right to, and I have found it has a very positive meaning at the end of the day.


Bobby Cleveland
VP of Commercial Development
Director of Multi-family Property Management
Macon Commercial Office