Press Release: Fickling Management Services Announces Several Position Reassignments

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Fickling Management Services is pleased to announce several reassignments in its multifamily property management business sector. Those assignments include:

  • Mr. Jason Girvin to Vice President, Multifamily Property Management
  • Ms. Michelle Fischer to Director of Operations, Multifamily Property Management
  • Ms. Macia Hamirani to Director of Training and Compliance, Multifamily Property Management

Bob McMahon PortraitAccording to Bob McMahon, President of Fickling Management Services, “These changes are an integral part of the plan to take our Multifamily Property Management business sector to the next level. Each of these leaders has extensive experience in the industry. More importantly, each of these leaders has the skills and abilities to grow the business while providing an enhanced level of service to our clients, our residents, and our stakeholders.”

These new assignments are effective October 1, 2016. Fickling Management Services has managed and re-positioned over 15,000 multifamily units since 2008. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fickling & Company, a full-service regional real estate service and development firm headquartered in Macon, Georgia since 1939.