Taking On New Multi-Family Properties With Existing Employees

Fickling & Company’s Multi-Family Division is pleased to announce that we have recently added two new third-party managed accounts to our apartment portfolio.   When stepping in to a new management role, Fickling & Co., Inc. recognizes that accomplishing our mission requires the enthusiastic commitment of our most valuable resource – our employees.


Tips for Strengthening and Energizing a New  STAFF

  • SELL, DON’T TELL: The most effective Managers seldom issue commands.  Instead, they sell a course of action.
  • ENCOURAGE YOUR STAFF TO MAKE DECISIONS: Employees need to feel they have adequate authority over their own jobs.  If not, they will feel powerless and never develop decision-making skills.
  • DELEGATE, DON’T DUMP: Delegating is giving something away that can develop a team member’s skills.
  • SET GOALS WITH THE STAFF: Goal setting improves performance more than any other management technique.
  • FOLLOW THROUGH: Your credibility will go down each time people’s expectations are not met.
  • DON’T CHANGE COURSE MIDSTREAM: Employees need continuity.
  • GIVE CRITICISM GRACEFULLY: Your best employee will judge you by how you treat your worst.
  • HAVE A PLAN FOR THEIR FUTURE: People who can not move up, move out.
  • AVOID HASTY DECISIONS ABOUT WORK STYLES: When you expect employees to work exactly as you do, you are likely to be disappointed.
  • USE REWARDS AND INCENTIVES: The ratio of praise to criticism should be 4 to 1.
  • ENCOURAGE COMRADERIE: People stay on their jobs in part, because they like the people they work with.  Teamwork is the key to the property’s success.


Susan Cooper
Director Multi-Family Management
Macon Commercial Office